VIP Service Package


Our Office Coordinator is here to assist you with any issue throughout your stay in Slovakia!

Helping hand for any trouble

Wouldn’t it be perfect to have a buddy who would not only accompany you through the smooth and enjoyable relocation phase, such as apartment search and visits, but who would stand by your side at difficult times too, such as small accident in the apartment that damaged landlord’s furniture or unexpected need to leave the country and terminate the lease agreement as soon as possible? Our team will be in touch with you throughout your lease, advise you and solve the issue!

What do you get?

Finding a perfect flat is not the end - we will make sure you are settled by helping you throughout the rental process:

  • communication with a landlord in Slovak language (yes, an English-speaking landlord is still an exception)
  • paperwork preparation and review (boring legal stuff but quite important, right?)
  • highlighting of your rights and responsibilities as a tenant (good to know!)
  • personal assistance and legal supervision during apartment takeover (it is not just about getting a key)
  • Internet and energy providers' contracts set-up (apartment without Wi-Fi and electricity? No, thanks!)
  • keeping in touch and continuous support (Hello there!)
  • the reminder of upcoming lease expiration date (missing a deadline is not funny)
  • the advice in unforeseen situations (we don’t want them to happen, but… well… we are by your side)
  • help to solve issues in the flat (who should pay for the broken light bulb?)

...and that’s not all!

VIP Service Package also covers other issues not related to your apartment: we will advise where to get answer to your question, schedule an appointment at a local authority, assign you a personal assistant for 1 hour free of charge, recommend tested and proven foreigners-friendly services in the town, such as doctors, shops, etc.
Most importantly, you can count on always being number one for us, even when we are really, really busy! Simply drop a line or talk to our Office Coordinator during our opening hours (Mon – Fri, 10 am – 5 pm) or anytime upon previous arrangement.

In short - with VIP Service Package you won’t be left alone in the Slovak jungle! We will always answer: “YES, WE WILL HELP YOU WITH THAT!”

Why is it VIP?

Good question! VIP means you - our client who is renting a flat with us. The best part is that you get all of this advice free of charge.

If you are not renting an apartment with us you can order the VIP Service Package separately to be sure you will not be lost in any unexpected situation.

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