Expat Talks Live Stream #2

A Romanian expat Dana Embree is gonna be the 2nd guest of the Expat Talks Live Stream which is scheduled for Sunday, February 10 at 7 PM.

Although born in Romania Dana had been living in the US for a little over 20 years. First, she spent 2,5 years at the school there to get the Master degree in Business Administration, then got hired by the Emerson Electric company and worked in 2 locations in the US for a total of 18 years. After that, she worked in Germany for half a year and then relocated to the office in Mikulov (CZ) 2 years ago. She lives in Brno.

Dana is very active in volunteering. She participates in the Women in STEM organization and together with a group of women she met at the SWE (Society of Women Engineers) Conference in Prague last year, Dana is involved in the first SWE Affiliate in the Czech Republic.

How is it to be a female engineer and manage men as subordinates? What makes her work at one company for almost 21 years? Why does she volunteer? What does she think about Brno and Mikulov? And how does she compare living in Romania, the US, Germany, and the Czech Republic?

Listen to the 2nd episode of Expat Talks. More information at the Facebook event.


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