Expat Talks Live Stream #4

Rodney from England is going to be guest of the fourth episode of Expat Talks Live Stream which is scheduled for Sunday, April 14 at 7 PM.

Rodney was born in England and raised in the Commonwealth of Dominica. He lives in the Czech Republic for a little bit more than 3 months.

Rodney travels from country to country and feels at home in every place he goes. He has visited more than 10 countries! Moreover, he is a sports lover and represented England in the sport of powerlifting.

Rodney does not have a stable job, but he has a lot of hobbies and enjoys every minute of his life! He has many international and also Czech friends. Despite the fact that he has been living in the Czech Republic just for several months he already has a lot of stories to share with us in the live stream!

What was the most difficult for him during/after the relocation? What does he like about the Czech Republic? What happened to him on his first day in Brno? Which country did he like the most?

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